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Our tradition

The typical flavors of the area

Agnolotti - Piedmontese cuisine

Piedmontese cuisine

Every morning homemade cakes and biscuits will give you a good morning, together with jams made with the fruit of our orchards. And as a good Monferrini, bread with cold cuts and cheeses from our hills certainly cannot be missing. A good day always starts with breakfast!

In the summer, a few moments of relaxation in our garden are almost a must, where you can enjoy a nice fresh air and a pretty good view!

When the cold begins, we await you in our living room, with a book or a glass of wine in front of the lit fireplace.

When the evening arrives, the best way to end the day is at the table of our farmhouse, where, if you want, you can dine with our Piedmontese cuisine.

Cake - Piedmontese cuisine
Our tradition
"Here you will find a family welcome, made up of simple and genuine things."